Charlotte a'r Cawr - Charlotte and the Giant

Ysgol Berfformio Soar’s members have been working hard over the past term to bring Geinor Style’s script of ‘Charlotte and the Giant’ to life! The group includes a mixture of children from 5-12 years old, and they all worked enthusiastically as a company to create this 40-minute piece full of scenes, dancing and video clips all produced by them before-hand.

The story follows Charlotte Guest back in the 19th century. Charlotte knew how important education was saying that it ‘shows the world in a different light,’ and she was determined to build a school for the children that worked in the stables so that they could have an education. But the children in the play worry about losing money for their family and set out to persuade Charlotte that they don’t need to go to school and show that they can already create and have big imaginations. They decide to tell her the stories from the Mabinogi, and after debating over their favourite tales they decide to perform the tale of ‘Culhwch and Olwen.’

When Charlotte arrived in Wales she could already speak 7 languages, but then she also decided to learn Welsh. This allowed her to be able to translate the Mabinogi into English beginning in 1838, and we as an audience see the moment Charlotte hears them for the first time.

I was at Theatre Soar to help with the set and costumes. It was great experience working with Emma, Mirain and the children to make this production as colourful and exciting as possible. The evening of the show arrived, and I was waiting with the cast back stage ready to give them the go ahead to start the show when one of the youngest members whispered to me “I am soooooo excited,” turning almost red in the face as she did so. It was so lovely see them all with this reaction, so ready to perform and give it their best. It is truly a testament to how hard the group works throughout the year to build their confidence.

I have to thank everyone at Theatre Soar for the warm welcome, and I really look forward to seeing what other projects they produce over the next few months.


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